The health plan – Dogs & Cats

The health plan – Dogs & Cats



The health plan is composed of 3 stimulated liquid dietary supplements based on plants whose association follows a logic that enhances health.

The health plan is composed of 3 bottles of 30ml to distribute in water or on food. Each product is to be given for 10 days.

A.N.D. 101 – Liver, pancreas

Indispensable in case of consumption of industrial foods so that the toxins due to manufacturing processes (chemical dyes, preservatives, palatability factors, texture agents…) can be eliminated by the body.

A.N.D. 105 – Parasitism, natural immunity

Helps to maintain at their best physiological level the animal’s natural defences against parasitism. Avoids the abuse of chemical vermicides that destroy animal immunity as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies.

A.N.D. 109 – Balance of intestinal flora

All trace elements must be present in animal feed as they play a key role in the processes of digestion and assimilation. A.N.D. plants 109 help to ensure the balance of the intestinal flora.