Mastitis detector

Mastitis is expensive for the breeder: 100 € per cow and per year (care, revisions, penalties …), according to the most serious accounting estimates, even in well maintained herds is more than 5000 € for a flock of 50 V.L.

It is therefore essential to detect them from the beginning (at the subclinical stage) in order to reduce as much as possible the economic losses in this area. The Bionature subclinical mastitis detector is the ideal tool to achieve this goal.

The subclinical mastitis detector

The milking robots already incorporate a reliable electronic detection system based on the measurement of the milk’s conductivity. The milking robots has a reliable electronic detection system based on the measurement of the milk’s conductivity. Also Bionature has designed a portable detector, lightweight, at very low cost, which now makes this technique available to all breeders.

When there is subclinical mastitis, the concentration of salts in the milk increases and thus the conductivity of this milk increases. The device, by measuring the conductivity, can detect subclinical mastitis.

When a section has a conductivity more than 15% higher than other sections, the probability of subclinical mastitis is very high and increases as the difference rises. Tens of thousands of measurements for many years have allowed us to verify this correlation.

Free demonstration

This device is made in France, a free demonstration can be performed on the farm at the request of the breeder. The detector has a local after-sales service, a one-year warranty.


The optical techniques of cellular counting (dairy, milk control) do not distinguish the nature or the origin of the leukocytes, but it is necessary to know them in order to intervene wisely. In only 30% of cases does the elevation of the leukocyte count originate from the udder. The Bionature detector can confirm or discount this cause. If the display is red, the leukocytes come from the udder, if it is green, the udder is not concerned, it is necessary to investigate other causes.

Bionature technicians are at the disposal of the breeder to conduct a free study on this important point and offer the breeder, if they so wish, adapted solutions.