Oligosol : An exceptional wealth

Oligosol : An exceptional wealth

Composition of Oligosol B:

Oligoéléments : Boron, Copper, Magnesium oxide, Manganese, Zinc, Sulfuric anhydride

Plants : Yarrow *, Oak bark *, Stinging nettle *, Horsetail *, Valerian *, Seaweed (* organic plants)



Nutritional needs of crops

Plants as a whole are living organisms for which all nutritional needs must be met. In particular, all the trace elements are necessary for them.

Magnesium is a constituent of chlorophyll

Zinc is an active component of growth hormones.

Manganese is an activator of oxidation-reduction enzymes and hydrolysis.

Boron is essential for cell division, reproduction, germination and also regulates water absorption.

Sulfur is a moldable element in the constitution of sulfur amino acids, and a catalytic element.

Copper is a component of many oxidation-reduction enzymes, whose activity depends on their content in this trace element.

An exceptional wealth

Oligosol contains all these trace elements in an assimilable, liquid and stimulated form.

Oligosol also contains plant macerations, the presence of which provides nutrients to crops that promote all of their functions.

The crops will be able to draw from this complex the nutrients necessary for their growth and the development of their natural defences.


The stimulation process used by Bionature comes from biodynamic techniques that ensure a better physiological integration of nutrients (A.N.D., Stimulated Nutritional Supplements) brought by oligosol.

Stimulating photosynthesis

Photosynthesis allows green plants to use the energy of light to synthesize their organic substance from carbon dioxide in the air and water absorbed by their roots. The plant takes 90% of its dry weight from the air. Many trace elements are involved in this fundamental process which is essential to optimize with Oligosol.

Reliability and respect for nature

The reliability of Oligosol is widely recognised. It has been used for 30 years by a growing number of farmers and gardeners.

It respects the environment, enhances crops and improves their profitability. Oligosol comes from the most modern scientific discoveries in plant physiology.

Yield and resistance

In particular, Oligosol promotes the rooting of the plant, allowing it to better feed from water and nutrients, its growth will be faster, with better, improved production. With the presence of the necessary nutritional supplements, its natural defences will be stronger and better protect it.