A.N.D. 105 – Parasitism : natural immunity

A.N.D. 105 – Parasitism : natural immunity

Noble chamomile, Echinacea, Corsican Moss, Passionflower , Thyme

Helps to maintain at their best physiological level the animal’s natural defences against parasitism. Avoids the abuse of chemical vermicides that destroy animal immunity as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies.

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Parasitism: what to do?

Everyone knows that pets have parasites and that their presence affects the health of the animal; in this situation what should be done?

The first answer that immediately comes to everyone’s mind is that you have to use an antiparasitic treatment to destroy the parasites. Does this seemingly simple solution only have advantages? Professionals in the field answer that this is not the case.

The Livestock Institute, for example, states: “… It is not necessary to blindly multiply the antiparasitic treatments: the result would be the opposite of the desired effect, because of a fall in the immune defences of the animals …” indeed, as we noted above, animals have natural systems of defences, and the antiparasitic agents weaken them, which favours re-infestation, aggravates the situation, and compromises the future of the animal.

The systematic use of antiparasitic agents is therefore not advisable. The use of these products must be reasoned. Above all, it is necessary to provide the animal with the specific nutrients necessary to enable it to implement its own natural defences. This has been Bionature’s approach for 30 years. A.N.D. 105, herbal stimulated complex, is particularly well suited for this purpose.